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Servicing your customers’ needs

Software development, Consulting, and other IT service companies utilize an internal ‘bench’ of technical resources to succeed on projects for their customers. They will tell you that it is very difficult to maintain the right balance between customer engagements and available technical resources.

With the ever-flexing economy, it’s becoming more important to minimize operational costs. Reduced operational costs often mean a decrease in internal bench retention for many large IT services organizations. They do retain the key personnel needed to architect solutions but sometimes need to fill the depleted gaps in order to complete their project delivery team. That is when they call on Titan Solutions.

IT services companies partner with Titan to deliver best-in-class resources to complete their customer project teams. Delivery mangers, technical opportunity managers and project managers all depend on Titan Solutions to help them succeed on their customer engagements.

Titan’s foundation is built on software development and consulting services. Our own technical experience gives us the edge over our competition. We know what service organizations require from a technical resource. We use our experience to understand your customer’s technology, project scope, and cultural needs in order to provide the best resource to fill the gaps on your project teams.

Our partner services philosophy is centered on managing your resource problem before it affects your practice. Our account managers and virtual bench and allow us to be an extension of your delivery team, providing personalized resource solutions that maximize your productivity and profitability.

Whether your focus is custom development, product deployment, systems integration, business continuity, or another spectrum of IT services, Titan is your trusted technical resource partner. We can efficiently extend your services portfolio offering and alleviate the worry of technical resource management, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our go-to partner

Titan is our go-to partner when projects need specialized consultants. Eric Dunn IBM

Success Story

Titan’s technological empowerment and just-in-time services increases sales and efficient performance of a hundred-and-fifty-year-old insurance firm.

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